Our team took part in the development of the game Dragon Dreams from Eurostar. The game is targeted for children and combines elements of the genres of hidden object, arcade and RPG. The player is immersed in the magical worlds, improves dragons and their abilities.


Date of start:Summer 2018


The player takes control of the dragon, helping him to find objects hidden in the location. Passing levels provides resources that can be used to buy and upgrade dragons, as well as to develop and upgrade the cave in which he lives.


Game development took more than a year, during which the game mechanics were constantly improved, raising the bar for our developers' skill requirements!
A one of the features of this game are flying on dragons, which are controlled by a gyroscope. This creates a unique feeling of flying and immerses in the game world. If the device does not support a gyroscope, a virtual joystick or swipe is available for control.

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