Over the past few years, we have developed a series of simulators that have been successfully intergrated into the process of electrical engineers training. Inspection of substations, high-voltage power lines, maintenance of electricity supports - only part of the possible operations. The use of virtual training allows to improve the quality of education, reduce training costs and time, simulate extreme and unlikely situations at the facility or production.


Date of start:2015-2019

For what?

One of the options for using a virtual simulator at high-risk or production sites is to identify violations of operating and safety rules. Examining the object in the role of inspector, the user notes the violations. This way we tests his knowledge of the operating procedures.

What else?

Learning the sequence of operations at the workplace — it can be a replacement of an electrical cable, an engine assembly, or traffic control at an cross. The study of instructions and books does not impart practical skills. Learning at a real object has its limitations as well, takes a lot of time to prepare the place and is not always possible. With the help of a virtual simulator - you can simulate any situation, combine the work of several specialists online in one environment, and instill understanding about every aspect of their duties with specific examples.

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