For the corporate museum of Sberbank we developed an unique virtual tour. He will reveal an understanding of the operation principles and structure of the Ecosystems of Sberbank services. You will stay at the front line and take part in the digital battle as a part of Cyber Security Center, protecting customer data. You will research the principles of Agile method in the development of the latest products. All of this experience available using HTC Vive glasses, providing complete immersion in the digital world!

Date of start:November 2018


Work on the project began with sketches. It was necessary to understand what the main scene looks like, what the user interacts with, how it reacts to its input. Step by step, the stages of the user script were drawn.

According to the scenario, wearing glasses, the user appears in a virtual copy of the Museum in which he is currently located. Having mastered the digital space, the user starts the transformation of the environment - the surrounding objects and walls are fade away, the physical space dissolves. The user, standing at a height of hundreds of meters on a flying platform, overlooks the panorama of Moscow.

Sberbank’s digital core and three shortcuts that activate the scenarios appear right above the platform: Ecosystem, Cybersecurity and Agile.

How it looks in VR

Here is an example of an Agile script. When the label is activated, a transition from Moscow to the digital environment takes place, which symbolizes the operations control center.

There are 4 shortcuts to choose from, each of which launches an interactive animation: Agile manifest, Scrum principle, Tribe principle and a visit to Sberbank Agile Home.

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