Project was developed especially for economical conference, using augmented reality, in honor of the 175th anniversary of biggest Russian bank. It contains three sections, each of them is dedicated to represent activity of one of the charitable funds: Memory of Generations, Life and Contribution to the Future.

Date of start:November 2016

Memory of Generations

Memory of Generations - a charity foundation, a unique federal-scale project to provide targeted assistance to war veterans. This scenario tells about the work of the foundation and 15 specific veterans - Heroes of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union.

Life - the foundation is committed to support modern education and an inclusive environment. In augmented reality the user will be immersed in the world of the foundation, its goals and mission.

Contribution to the Future - a charitable foundation numbering more than 1,200,000 benefactors. The scenario tells about the their work done for 2015 and shows what the foundation managed to achieve during its existence.

Russian Post

Virtual package sending application

Virtual Museum of Sberbank

A virtual journey through the Sberbank ecosystem

Bank Cybersecurity Forces

Multiplayer shooter in virtual reality

Education and Training

Virtual training environment for specialists

Dragon's Dream's

Mobile game for children in the world of dragons

Visa Smart Home

Internet of things in augmented reality

Charity foundations

Charity Funds in Mixed Reality


Virtual tour in augmented reality glasses

Infiniti QX50

New car in augmented reality


Multiplayer shooter for mobile devices

Renewable Energy Sources

Interactive Presentation for the Museum of Electric Power

Miller Tour

Interactive advertising for the Miller World Tour

Lego Quest

Quest in augmented reality

Lipton Tastes

Tour around new tastes in augmented reality

Ekzo ice-cream

Ice cream in augmented reality

Amway Kiosk

Augmented reality kiosk for Amway shopping centers

Blacksmith craft

Educational game for the museum