Unity 3D programmer

  • Unity 3D
  • С#
  • Git
  • OOП
Uniday is engaged in game development, currently we are working on a large Exowar project ( and a couple of smaller gaming projects. We need people who want to develop in the gaming field, who are burning with games (or at least smoldering) and want to absorb new skills. There will be a lot of work, but growth will be quick if you are ready for it!


  • Game development
  • AR applications development


  • The level of knowledge of C # from the middle, the ability to write object-oriented code
  • Experience with Unity3D (at least they did a couple of their own small projects)
  • Experience with UGUI (layout and development of interfaces)
  • English language at the level of understanding technical literature
If we have suitable vacancies, we just need to write a resume to the mail